Learner Information

Entry requirements

As the apprenticeship requires on the job training and hands on experience, you will need to be employed within your chosen apprenticeship sector to demonstrate your occupational abilities. You must also have a contract of employment to evidence this and be paid at least the apprenticeship wage.

The apprenticeship package also requires the apprentice to be at level 2 in Maths and English, prior to achieving the apprenticeship. If you hold a functional Skills or GCSE in these disciplines we can transfer these to your apprenticeship. If you do not hold any formal qualifications in Maths or English we will embed the Functional Skills qualifications in Maths and English into your chosen Apprenticeship Programme.

Benefits of becoming an Apprentice

As an apprentice you will gain valuable work experience as you learn on the job. You will also earn a wage while you train, which includes 20% paid off the job training during your contracted hours. Did you know that 85% of apprentices stay in full time employment after they achieve their qualification, with 64% of the 85% remaining with the same employer.

We ensure that all of our apprentices help shape what they learn within their apprenticeship to help progress them to their long term career goals. You will also be allocated an Assessor who is a specialist in the field, who will support you on a one to one basis, with additional online tutorial support.