If you wish to make a formal complaint this must be done in writing (inc email) and sent to, or to: Training Now, Agincare House, Admiralty Buildings, Castletown, Portland, DT5 1BB. You must provide detailed information about the complaint including: dates, times and witnesses if applicable. Written confirmation will be sent upon receipt of all complaints. All complaints will be dealt with in a fair, sensitive and professional manner and fully investigated by the appropriate line manager and conducted within seven days.

Where additional evidence is required a request in writing will be made direct to you before a resolution can be concluded. Following the investigation you will be invited to a face to face meeting to discuss the findings and proposed resolution.

If a resolution cannot be agreed, your complaint will be escalated to the Training Director, who will contact you to confirm receipt of your complaint. The Training Director will then complete an independent investigation to resolve the complaint within 21 days.

Training Now reserves the right to include or seek advice from third parties or legal organisations throughout any stage of the investigation. All received complaints will be recorded and audited by our quality team to improve our continuous training cycle and services.

Escalating formal complaints outside Training Now

You have the right to involve our external agencies. However, all complaints must, in the first instance, be directed to Training Now and not to the agencies. The agencies must be confident that all other avenues have been exhausted and this is the final and last resort. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you can contact the ESFA Apprenticeship Helpline via: or alternatively on 0800 015 0400.

Additional information can be found at: